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We want to take strolling everywhere: Stockholm, Kampala, Brooklyn, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Paris, Lagos, Accra, Moscow, Sydney, Addis Ababa, Dubai, Beijing, Miami, Kingston, Castries  - everywhere.

We want to give a voice to ordinary people of the diaspora. If you want to support us in making this a reality, please donate:

Strolling: Connecting the scattered stories of the global African/Black Diaspora.

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Anonymous asked:

I hate when whiteboys like you act all righteous about shit you don’t know about talkin bout fuck the police wtf you reeeeeaaaalllyyyyy know about the police drugs prisons real life??? what gives you the right to say anything stay in your lane you cool with the hip hop


So … you presume to know what kind of man I am, from a few tumblr posts and my picture? It is generally unwise to make such large assumptions about someone you don’t know.

Let’s just say, complete hypothetical here, that I had hustled for many years. That I had seen some of my closest friends become junkies or go to prison in this drug war or die. And let’s just say, hypothetically of course, I had got popped with 20 lbs of marijuana and done a year and a half in prison for it because I’m not a snitch. And not cushy minimum security prison, the state pen. That I’m just barely off parole now. And let’s add to that, imagine this, that I had a profound perspective on the huge and destructive conspiracy surrounding drugs, prisons, the police and government, and the oppression of my people. And I don’t care what race or religion you are, if you believe in love and freedom, you are my people.

Now … I’m not saying any of that. Relax. But, hypothetically speaking here, if I were, I’d have the right to say something, yeah?

But hey, you’re probably right, and I’m just some dumb poor fuck who doesn’t know a thing about real life.

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