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Deducing the consequences of a given set of well-formulated physical principles can be difficult or easy, but it is the sort of thing that physicists learn to do in graduate school and that they generally enjoy doing. The creation of new physical principles is agony and apparently cannot be taught.
Steven Weinberg, Dreams of a Final Theory (via thesummerofmark)


A water droplet can rebound completely without spreading from a superhydrophobic surface. The photo above is a long exposure image showing the trajectory of such a droplet as it bounces. In the initial bounces, the droplet leaves the surface fully, following a parabolic path with each rebound. The droplet’s kinetic energy is sapped with each rebound by surface deformation and vibration, making each bounce smaller than the last. Viscosity damps the drop’s vibrations, and the droplet eventually comes to rest after twenty or so rebounds. (Image credit: D. Richard and D. Quere)

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